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APhA Task Force on Rapid Diagnostics report published

17 Mar 2014 3:59 PM | Christopher McCoy

Gubbins PO, Klepser ME, Dering-Anderson AM, Bauer K, Darin KM, Klepser S, Matthias KR, Scarsi K. Point of care testing for infectious diseases: Opportunities, barriers and considerations in community pharmacy. J Am Pharm Assoc 2014;54(2):163–171.


“CLIA-waived point of care (POC) tests for infectious diseases represent a unique opportunity for community pharmacists to expand their patient care services while also benefitting patients and developing a public health role of the profession. This work was produced by members of the Society’s Task Force on Rapid Diagnostic Tests. They reviewed the literature and researched state pharmacy laws and determined that pharmacists in many states could apply for CLIA waivers for POC testing  and offer testing for Group A streptococcal pharyngitis, HIV, and hepatitis C virus. In addition they highlight barriers to implementing such services in community pharmacies and point out that while barriers to implementing such services exist, they are not insurmountable.”


For a link to the abstract, click here.

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