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Vancomycin AUC Toolkit

SIDP has developed a Vancomycin AUC Toolkit, informed by the experiences of pharmacists who have implemented AUC-guided dosing at their institutions.

Toolkit Features:

  • Template guideline for vancomycin dosing with highlighted areas to customize to your local facility
  • Customizable vancomycin dosing calculator with an automatically generated patient progress note
  • Examples and templates of educational materials for training providers and nursing teams 
Watch the introductory video below to get started!

Toolkit Contents

Vancomycin AUC Toolkit Contents

SIDP Vancomycin Guidelines Template

SIDP Vancomycin Calculator User Guide 2021

Vancomycin AUC Dosing Calculator 

Education Templates

SIDP Nursing Education Example

SIDP Vancomycin AUC-Based Monitoring for Nursing Staff Handout

SIDP Provider Education Example

SIDP Provider Education Example-2

Excerpt from the SIDP Vancomycin Calculator User Guide 2021

Excerpt from the SIDP Nursing Education Template

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Sign-up as a Registered Resource User of this free content in order to access toolkit materials and be alerted by SIDP as new revisions/updates emerge.  Of note, this content is publicly available at no cost.  SIDP membership is not required to register as a toolkit user.

SIDP will not share any contact information provided with any third party and

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Once you have signed up as a Registered Resource User, access the toolkit resources using the link below!

Note, SIDP members can also access the toolkit at the link below.

SIDP Vancomycin AUC Toolkit Taskforce Members

Special thanks to the following SIDP members for volunteering their time and efforts to the development of this toolkit:

  • Emily Heil
  • Erin McCreary
  • Jason Pogue
  • Brian Raux
  • Bryan White
  • Jamie Kisgen
  • Kate DeSear
  • Matt Pearsall
  • Seth Housman
  • Victoria Adams
  • Emi Minejima
  • Eric Gregory
  • Ethan Smith
  • Maggie Monogue
  • Ryan Mynatt
  • Wesley Kufel
  • Yewande Dayo

Special thanks also to Raymond Yost, PharmD, for his expertise in designing the vancomycin calculator on behalf of SIDP.

SIDP member, Emi Minejima, PharmD

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