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SIDP Joins S-FAR to Develop Patient Story Project

08 Jul 2016 10:08 AM | George Allen

SIDP is helping the U.S. Stakeholder Forum on Antimicrobial Resistance (S-FAR) to develop and publish a collection of stories by people and families directly impacted by antibiotic resistant infections. SIDP is seeking patients or family members who have experienced a resistant infection (e.g., MRSA, CRE), who are willing to share their story. These stories are critical to help us demonstrate to policymakers the human cost of and urgent need for efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance to protect patients and public health.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are responsible for at least 23,000 deaths and at least 2 million infections each year, and cost the healthcare system approximately $20 billion. They also complicate many areas of medicine, including the care of preterm infants, chemotherapy, organ and bone marrow transplants, and other surgeries. 

If you or someone you know (loved ones, colleagues, patients) have suffered from an antimicrobial resistant infection and are willing to share their story for this effort, please contact Emily Heil, Chair of the Political Advocacy Committee, at

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