Antimicrobial Stewardship
A Certificate Program for Pharmacists




The Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP) is an innovative and intensive practice-based activity for pharmacists focusing on the pharmacist's role in the area of appropriate use of antimicrobial agents. The program, which emphasizes a health care team approach, seeks to foster the development of a strong knowledgebase in microbiology, pharmacology and disease state management in order to successfully implement an antibiotic stewardship program that will improve patient care, reduce healthcare expenditures and potentially reduce rates of resistance and prolong the longevity of the limited number of antimicrobial agents available to treat infections.  For more information, please visit this link:


ASP Goals
The program goals are the following:

  • Expand the pharmacist's knowledge of clinical microbiology, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and infectious disease state management.
  • Develop skills needed to establish an antimicrobial stewardship program.
  • Implement interventions to improve patient care, minimize resistance and cost, and prolong the longevity of antimicrobials.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of an antimicrobial stewardship program through the measurement of outcomes.
  • Define the interaction between pharmacy and infection control.


ASP Structure
The Antimicrobial Stewardship certificate training program is ACPE accredited and conducted in three parts:

Phase 1: Self-study learning component (24 hours or 2.4 CEUs). Please view our demonstration showing the style of the Self-study component.
Phase 2: Live webinars (6-9 hours or 0.6-0.9 CEUs)
Phase 3: Skills component completed in the practice setting (10 hours or 1.0 CEU)


A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to participants who successfully complete all three program components. The self-study and webinars must be completed within 8 months and the entire program completed within 14 months of registration. To sign up and access the program, click here.


Participant cost is $750 per pharmacist. This amount includes the home study section, four to six live webinars, and the skills development/implementation component at your practice site.

For institutions or healthcare facilities with payment from the same institution, we provide the following discounts:
6-10 healthcare professionals - 5% discount
11-15 healthcare professionals - 10% discount
>15 healthcare professionals - 15% discount

For trainees (e.g., residents, fellows, and graduate students) the cost is $550 per individual. To receive a discount or for questions about them, please contact ProCE at For complete details on the program, please see our downloadable Announcement.



**New in 2015 - All participants who successfully complete the certificate program will be eligible for a 1 year free associate membership.***


CE Accreditation
Initial Release Date: 3-15-2015
Expiration Date: 3-15-2018
Practice Activity Number: 0221-9999-15-073-B01-P



This CE activity is jointly provided by ProCE, Inc. and SIDP. ProCE is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education. ACPE Practice Activity Number 0221-9999-15-073-B01-P has been assigned to this practice-based CE activity (initial release date 3-15-15). This CE activity is approved for 40.0 contact hours (0.4 CEUs) in states that recognize ACPE providers. The participant can elect to complete two additional webinars at no additional cost and earn 43.0 contact hours (4.3 CEUs). Statements of completion will be issued online as individual modules are completed with a post-test score of 80% or higher and completion of an online evaluation. UANs for the individual activity modules are listed in the Activity Announcement.



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