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ID Residency Training Advancement

27 Sep 2021 9:00 AM | Ryan Crass (Administrator)

In celebration of 30 Years of SIDP, the Strategic Planning Committee recognizes the growth of infectious diseases (ID) pharmacy residency training programs.  While the data are imperfect, we worked with fellow pharmacy organization (ASHP) to compile a list of accredited ID residency training programs who had graduates in each respective year depicted in the graphic below. 

Dating back to 1996, the first program was at the Audie Murphy Memorial VA Medical Center. The late 1990’s witnessed a small but steady growth of training programs with a consistent upward trend through the first decade of the 2000s.  From 2010-2020, the field saw a rapid expansion of training sites which now hovers around 100. Not included are fellowship program graduates or unaccredited programs (including graduates during unaccredited program years). 

Please join us as we celebrate the growth of ID pharmacy residency training programs and the dedication and commitment of pharmacists to continue to foster training for new ID pharmacists while enhancing patient care in the health-care system. 

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