SIDP Sponsorship Opportunities

Website Sponsorship

SIDP Website Sponsorship

The SIDP website is available for sponsorship. In a typical month, the site has approximately 3,000 visits, 15,000 page views, and 40,000 hits with an average of 5 page views per person.

Sponsor Recognition: Logo displayed at the bottom of each page with link to sponsor’s website.

Est. Cost: $10,000 (one year sponsorship)


Event Sponsorship

SIDP Member Reception at IDWeek

October 25, 2016 - New Orleans, LA     

Each year, SIDP sponsors a 2-3 hour reception for its members attending the IDWeek Annual Meeting. This reception offers sponsors an opportunity to interact with SIDP members and guests.

Sponsor Recognition: Sponsors are recognized in reception invitations and verbally, at the event.

Est. Event Cost: $20,000


SIDP Annual Meeting at ASM Microbe

June 1-5, 2017 - New Orleans, LA  

Each year, over 300 SIDP members attend our annual meeting, held in conjunction with ASM Microbe. This event offers sponsors the opportunity to interact with SIDP members and guests.

Sponsor Recognition:  Sponsors are acknowledged at the SIDP Annual Meeting.

Est. Event Cost: $60,000-70,000


SIDP Board of Directors Meeting

June 2017 - New Orleans, LA 

This event is held annually and is used to finalize and approve the year’s business events as well as plans for the Annual Meeting and IDSA reception.

Sponsor Recognition: Sponsors are acknowledged at the SIDP Annual Meeting

Est. Event Cost: $10,000-12,000


Education and Research Sponsorships

Postgraduate Training in Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapy

SIDP supports residencies and fellowships in Infectious Diseases Pharmacy. Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors. Funds support trainees salary/fringe benefits and travel to ASM Microbe and the SIDP Annual Meeting.

Sponsor Recognition: Sponsors are acknowledged on the Request for Proposal and at the Annual Meeting

Est. Cost: $60,000/PGY2 residency or fellowship year


SIDP Research Grants

SIDP supports original research in infectious diseases pharmacotherapy through research awards to members. Proposals are peer-reviewed by a committee of SIDP members and results are presented at the Annual Meeting. If desired, sponsors may express preference for an area of research along with their support.

Sponsor Recognition: Support of SIDP Research Grants is announced via email, in the SIDP quarterly newsletter and in the SIDP annual report. If SIDP-sponsored research is presented at other venues, it must include acknowledgement of SIDP and industry sponsors.

Est. Cost: $75,000-100,000. Typically, individual sponsors contribute unrestricted grants of $10,000-50,000 each.


Other Sponsorships

SIDP Recognition Awards

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